Saturday, February 12, 2011

Taking the Plunge

After much encouragement, and even a little pushing, I am finally starting to blog!!!  To be honest, it has been great lurking around all the wonderful inspiring blogs out there.  Everyone is so creative, and each offer something different to the decor scene.

My hope is that I can offer something as well, and at the same time get to know all the bloggy folks, and join in with the same shared interests.

I'm especially thankful to my sil for helping me with some technical applications. This is my weak spot, and I'm sure I will be learning as I go here!!!  Without her help, I would still be sitting here enjoying all your post, pics and comments!!

Small beginnings.....


  1. Hey babe ,so proud that you are starting to get this blog business figured. Does this mean I get to do more reno's?

  2. yeah, way to go! Congrats on getting the blog started. Now we can learn this new method of time wasting together ;)