Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Whites

Blogging and summer just haven't happened much for me this year.

I had visions of sitting in my adironadack chair on the patio blogging the summer away!!!

Not so, we've had the worst summer on record here in the west, and somehow I've bairly been able to keep up reading all

my favourite blogs, let alone write.  I'll be up for the bad blogger award for sure.

This is a picture of a dresser I just completed. It was a typical pine dresser, the type we all have in our kids room.

They are solid wood, and they paint well. A few coats of  white, some sanding and chipping, new hardware, and I wanted to keep it

myself!! This will provide lots of storage in the new mudroom at its new home.

This is a before pic of a buffet and hutch we have been working on.  No trees were harmed making that molding!!

Hubby removed the solid centre panel and the plastic molding on the side doors.  We replaced the broken glass on the upper section

with a lovely grey wire mesh.  The two lower sections also got new wire mesh doors. White paint,

new hardware and we are almost there.  Still to do.....install the upper centre door, chippy and distress, wax and finish.

I'm really liking this piece and may have a hard time parting with it.

Hutches of this size are so practical. Wouldn't it look lovely in a nursery?

In a bathroom filled with fluffy towels and beautiful bath products it would be very spa-like.

It could even be used as a hutch in a dining room filled with white dishes!!!

So far this piece is unclaimed and yet to be sold. hmmm......maybe I should stop hiding it, we can't keep all the pieces.

Here is a close up of some of the details.  Once the chipping and waxing are done it will be even lovelier.

Another close up....please excuse the cheesy picture taking, you all know my lack of skill in this area by now!!...

I painted the inside back in a midtone grey. I love the way it darkens in the evening light yet anything white, silver or glass

showcases beautifully. 

With the weather being so unpredictable this summer I have been doing all my painting by hand instead of sprayer.

This takes a bit longer but I love the process. To see something that was passed its best given a new look and purpose is

rewarding.  Still to come....... pics of the new mudroom we just finished at our daughter's place, more furniture  reveals, and some sewing

projects.  Hoping for a dry and sunny weekend,

meanwhile we'll  keep painting.........

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  1. looks amazing and will sell in a heartbeat! Might have to hire you to do my round mirror dressing table and matching hiboy. Great job xo