Monday, October 3, 2011

Let Us Spray

When the weather cooperates the outdoor workroom is open.

Just a few of the painting projects we've been working on around here.....

A cute white chair rescued from the garbage. Can you believe someone was actually going to throw this away?

And it's twin sister. I had a hard time deciding on fabric, but in the end stripes won.

Formerly cherry coloured, now a lovely white and a little bit chippy.

Tiny black table, probably a plant stand.

I love this old kitchen stool in a pale robin's egg blue

A small dresser. This would be great in a mudroom for extra storage. The height is perfect for a cushion too.

The completely finished french cabinet. I love this piece, it could be used so many places.

Meanwhile, tonight instead of working on a project

we went for a walk down here....

yes, I made a lot of chatter so the bears would hear us!!

This is where we ended up. The top of the hill on the Ridgeview Trail.

The colours are spectacular, and the air is crisp with a slight smoky smell.

You can't help but feel blessed and awed at the majesty and presence of God.

We live in a beautiful country filled with abundance.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

be blessed,



  1. Such great painted furniture/mud room/Abby's room/wow.
    - Joy

  2. Great job on the chairs...who would throw those out!!!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. you don't have a follower spot????

  4. Hi Elaine! Looks like you have been busy! Your home looks so the stairs! Just wondering what your wall color it! ~Deb~ sister has been feeling better lately so I am back to blogging again! Thanks for always stoppping by!

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