Tuesday, June 19, 2012

His and Hers

I love when reno projects develop a life of their own, in a good way.

We started with the teeny-tiny-worlds- smallest- ensuite reno and ended up also doing 

the man-bathroom. So now we have his and hers, or maybe hers and hers

is more truthful.

Both spaces had their challenges. The ensuite is a petite 4 by 7 ft.

A poorly placed door,  a window on the long wall, and non standard depth space for a

vanity were the main challenges here.

Hair dryer cords and straighteners were getting caught on doors so something had to change...

After removing everything, and drywalling over medicine cabinet holes we first

installed leftover hardwood from the main floor.

Without a bath or shower in this room I thought it would work well.

The wainscotting we did to match our downstairs entryway, and I wanted

the vanity to resemble a piece of furniture with a carrera marble top.

More specifically I wanted the Pottery Barn vanity, but not at $3,000.

Beachy sconces, and a lot of white with a touch of grey and lavendar

make this ensuite  perfect.

I love it, small as it is. 

The mirror wasn't installed yet in this photo.We went with a simple one in white framed wood.

The walls look two different colors in this light, but are actually the same.

 The color is Ben Moore White Dove.

I love this color with marble, it has almost a grey undertone to it.

Simple white linen shades and charcoal towels.

 Who thought brushing your teeth could be

so much fun!

The end result is the main, or man-bathroom next door looked really bad!

Imagine avocado green counter, 30 year old yellowed floors and chipped rusty mirror

with a Hollywood style light fixture overhead.

The funny thing is the wall and tub tile are newer and in great shape.

It meant I had to work with those existing elements in a taupe and grey colour.

Out came the floor and in went dark hardwood again. Out came the vanity

and in went a new pale grey-taupe one with white counter and sink.

Out went the old 300 gallon flush toilet and  in went the sleek new efficient model.

A bit of shelving, a new mirror and light fixtures and things were beginning to look coastal.

The linen closet behind the door needed help.

We removed the bifold doors, installed floor to ceiling beadboard, shiny towel hooks,

new shelves and a lot of trim.

White Dove paint again with navy and taupe accents gave the room a bright and slightly

nautical feel.  I made the shower curtain extra long to add visual height.

Two tin buckets hold cleaning supplies and medicine and first aid  gear.

A few accent pieces for color and this room is done.

I like it just as much as the girly bathroom next door!!

A lovely before the madness started pic. Actually both bathrooms had matching vanities.

New vanity and navy towels.

The linen closet.

Navy linen shower curtain in a longer length makes me feel tall!!

All in all a fun little project and a great improvement in our morning routine.

Happy Renovating...........


  1. absolutely love what you've done in both bathrooms. As always, your creativity and eye for simple elegance has transformed them beautifully xo

  2. Hi Elaine,

    Many thanks for your comments on my blog. I popped over for a visit and love your renovations of your bathrooms (particularly that lovely wainscotting in your petite bathroom!). I'm now settling in to read through some more of your posts...

    1. Thank you, Annie for the lovely comments, I've been reading thru your previous posts, and enjoying them as well.....