Thursday, March 31, 2011

Old and New

We were away at the coast over spring break and had a great time with family and friends.

 The weather was a real treat, no snow and buds and blooms popping up everywhere.

Of course a trip without shopping would not be a trip at all!!

We bought a great sink for our laundry room and a set of taps that have cute little hot and cold on them.

I was waffling between a porcelain sink, or farmhouse style  like the one  in the kitchen.

 Or something old with a drain board  attached.

In the end we got a round stainless steel one from Ikea that I love.

The taps are not what I was leaning towards either but I like them and think they will be perfect in the laundry


 Fickle women that we are changing our minds!!

Meanwhile, I also couldn't pass the fabric shop without  a visit, just to say hi of course.

I found some beautiful aqua and green fabrics in stripes, and patterns and solids to make some cushions for

 the  livingroom. Hopefully these fabrics will work with the taupe ticking stripe I already have.

 Somehow a cute kettle  also found it's way into my shopping cart,

 right next to the old blue canning  jars.

 You should never leave your cart unattended!!

This pic of the blue jars is not the best, but I love how the light reflects in them.

 They are so pretty.

The kettle adds a nice pop of colour in the kitchen and freshens it up for spring.

It looks like I'll be busy sewing the cushions and of course working on the laundry room.

  I may not have

 time to do any spring cleaning at this rate!!

Thankyou to everyone who stops by and visits.

 I appreciate all the e-mails and comments, you are all a great


I enjoy reading them all and your blogs too.

Keep decorating,

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  1. Hey Elaine! I just love your round cute...along with everything else!

    Your kitchen looks great...I can hardly wait for ours to be done...soon, very soon! ~Deb~