Thursday, March 17, 2011

Old Bench

Have you ever had something in your home

 for so long that you almost don't "see" it anymore?

This is the case with an old oak bench

we have.

 About a hundred years ago (almost)

 my hubby made this bench for our kids.

 When they were about two, they wanted to join us at the table

instead of the high chair.

 But of course they were still small.

The bench fit them perfectly, and some of them even

had to sit on an ice cream bucket on the bench to reach the table!

I am wanting to paint the bench  a pale aqua, or should I do the reliable white that fits in anywhere?

I love that it is solid, chippy, and probably has some initials carved in it somewhere.

Hopefully there isn't any gum under the edge!!

The best part is that it has family history and was made by my hubby.

Another view just for fun. What do you think aqua or white?


  1. Love your bench Elaine! Aqua and white are my two favorite colors so I think that either one would look great! ~Deb~

  2. I just bought a bench like this today and was trying to figure out the exact same thing... aqua or white? Did you paint it yet? I hope you will share it with us when you do!