Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Abby's Room

A girl can dream....... 
This pic was last spring, a window box waiting to go up on the dining room window.
Oh well, another month and we might be there!!

Meanwhile, indoors where it is nice and warm  it was time to do Abby's room.
I love "interviewing" young clients. They always seem to know exactly what they like.
In this case it was yellow and grey, lots of cushions grandma, and can we please have chippy white furniture?

No problem!! With grandpa's help we built a closet system, mommy painted, grandma painted, mommy painted some more,
grandma sewed, mommy and grandma shopped, mommy painted some more
then we sent the kids skiing for the day with daddy.

Mommy, grandma  and grandpa (me and hubby) spent the day putting the room together for Abby.
This is her first big girl room all to herself, and I think we got all the things she wanted.

A comfy chair to curl up and read in.

Homework and craft area is a must.

A place to do your hair. (bad photography, the mirror really doesn't lean forward!!)

Closets, nightstands and lamps are always handy.

And a comfy bed that is just right. The grey curtains have a blackout liner which helps with room darkening in the summer.

The wall colour I love. It is  Veil, a Behr colour, and all the trim is Simply White.
 Abby loves her new space with lots of room for her stuff.  The funny part is, now that both girls have their own room, they still spend a lot of time "visiting " or having "sleepovers".  I love when sisters do that!

I'm sorry I forgot the before pics.
 Imagine loft bunkbed and shared with her sister.

Now if the weather would only warm up we could get the paint sprayer out and play!!!

Happy Spring!!


  1. Hi Elaine! Love the pretty colors! Yellow and gray are so happy together. Great eye - love how you pulled it all together!


  2. turned out lovely, I bet Abby is thrilled with it! I love that grey color too, still looking at paint samples for our bedroom, 'veil' will definitely be in the running now!