Thursday, April 28, 2011

Floored, (finally) and slipcovers

 When we installed the wood floor in the laundry room we had to unhook the washer and dryer.

This gave me a week to paint and finish them, then we would run out of clean clothes!!

I wanted  the floor to resemble one I had seen years ago in a shop, painted and chippy with a waxed finish.

I also liked a similar floor in our local hardware store, about 100 years old with many layers of paint showing thru.

I started with a coat of black, soft and inky.  Day 2 brought a coat of pale aqua. Day 3 a coat of palest pink.

Day 4 a coat of white. Day 5 some self doubt and a lot of hmmmm......

Day 6 brought a lot of  sanding and distressing and looking for clean socks for the hubby!

Day 7 I added a coat of dark ebony stain. This took a good 2 days to dry.

We hooked the washer and dryer back up ( new ones have yet to arrive )  and moved the sink section into place.

The trim needs to go up, as do some of the other cabinets.

This is where we are at today. I'm liking the finish, and it does resemble an old floor and nothing like the pine it actually is.

Meanwhile, we are back in clean clothes and painting again.

I have this old bench my mom gave me that was in a dark wood with a worn tapestry seat.

Sorry I forgot to take the befor pic. I took the worn uphostery off, hubby made a wooden seat and re-tightened the legs.

A new coat of white, light distressing and slipcovered cushion made all the difference.

I had been wanting to try using a dropcloth  and it worked great. I prewashed and bleached it to make it lighter, and has a nice soft feel.

The texture is a bit like linen and it drapes well.

The slip is simply tied on at each corner and the cushion is down filled.  This little bench looks so much better to me now.

I never really liked it much before but I think it will be a good addition in the laundry room.

Of course our week isn't complete without moving something around!!

It was time to move the black hutch back into the main living area. Picture one short mama and hubby muscling this guy up the stairs.

At almost 7 ft tall it is a good thing it comes apart into 2 pieces. I like to keep all the white  dishes in here and currently some of the white jugs are out.

I love white jugs and have some old and some new. Flowers always look good in them as do silverware and many other things.

Next up is the trim in the laundry room and the next section of cabinets. I am still wondering what to select for a countertop.

Any thoughts?


  1. The floors look great Elaine! Great job, so much work I'm sure. It's coming along nicely!

  2. Great job on the floors Elaine...they do look like old floors...which we love! Your slipcover is just adorable too!

    I ordered my chalk paint from me if you want the info. I love it but with shipping and duty it was a little pricey. ~Deb~